Monday, August 29, 2011

I Love You, Mary Jane

The other day I received an email from Shoe Dazzle that alerted me of the amount of awesome shoes out in the netherworld. Problem was, the concept of Shoe Dazzle sounds sketchy, so I immediately closed the email, but it was too late. The image had been planted. I needed Mary Janes. So I went to the website and looked at those fabulous suede MJ's they so obligingly suggested, but they were 4 inches high. Not good for daily/real world use.

Seriously, who wears that shit to work? (Or anywhere, but in a limo and a quick waltz down the red carpet?) Not I. Put me in 4 inches and I start walking like a chicken on stilts. Besides, I can't sit on my ass all day. It makes me fat and cranky. So I scoured the web for other styles, but all of them had those damned skyscraper heels! I was feeling defeated, until I swung by my one-stop-shoe-shop: Dillards. And I found them. The PERFECT Mary Janes. Perfect heel and just enough detail to stand out from the rest. I haven't been this excited about shoes since, well, since the last time I bought shoes at Dillards. Anyway, they made me so happy, I just had to share.

Black patent Antonio Melani Mary Janes. The iconic piece to my fall wardrobe.


  1. HOW ABOUT SENDING A BITCH THE LINK FOR THE 4" ONES??? Jesus tapdancing christ.

    Also those scream AWESO. Seriously. They are so YOU.

  2. Luckily, I did not empty my trash. Email found. These things are effing fab.